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Q: How can I contact New Century Portfolios?
A: Click here for New Century's contact info.
Q: How can I get online access to my New Century Portfolio account?
A: Click here for information on registering for online account access?
Q: How can I invest in New Century Portfolios?
A: Click here for information on how to invest in New Century.
Q: I click on a link to a .pdf file and nothing happens?
A: Please note that certain combinations of browsers, internet security settings, and Adobe Acrobat Reader versions may result in a .pdf file not loading, opening blank within your browser, or hanging during the load process. If this occurs, right-click on the document link, choose "Save Target As" and save the document to your computer where it should be viewable without issue.
Q: Is New Century Portfolios affiliated with the New Century Financial Corporation?
A: No, as you may be aware, the financial media has reported a number of negative stories concerning New Century Financial Corporation.  New Century Financial Corporation is a subprime mortgage finance company, located in Irvine California, publicly traded under the ticker symbol NEW.
Your investment in New Century Portfolios is in no way related to New Century Financial Corporation.  The financial stability of New Century Financial Corporation has no impact upon New Century Portfolios.
New Century Portfolios is a registered investment company, advised by Weston Financial Group, Inc., and located in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  New Century Financial Corporation provides mortgage products to borrowers through its operating subsidiaries, New Century Mortgage Corporation and Home123 Corporation.  None of these entities have any affiliation with the New Century Portfolios you are invested with.

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