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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HOW TO INVEST IN NEW CENTURY

By Mail: By Mail:  
Complete and sign the Account Application or an IRA Application. Complete the investment slip that is included on your account statement, and write your account number on your check.  If you no longer have your investment slip, please reference your name, account number and address on your check.
  • Make your check payable to the New Century Portfolios.

  • For IRA accounts, please specify the year for which the contribution is made.

Mail Your Application And Check To: Mail The Investment Slip And The Check To:
New Century Portfolios
c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 46707    
Cincinnati, OH 45246-0707
New Century Portfolios
c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 46707 
Cincinnati, OH 45246-0707 
By Overnight Courier, Send To: By Overnight Courier, Send To:
New Century Portfolios
c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
225 Pictoria Drive, Suite 450 
Cincinnati, OH 45246
New Century Portfolios
c/o Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC
225 Pictoria Drive, Suite 450 
Cincinnati, OH 45246
By Telephone: By Telephone:
Telephone transactions may not be used for initial purchases. You automatically are granted telephone transaction privileges unless you decline them on your Account Application or by calling (888) 264-8578.  You may call (888) 639-0102 to purchase shares in an existing account.  Shares purchased by telephone will be purchased at the NAV next determined after the Transfer Agent receives your funds and all required information, including a completed application, is provided.
By Wire: By Wire:
Call (888) 264-8578 for instructions and to obtain an account number prior to wiring the Portfolios. Send your investment to U.S. Bank, N.A.  by following the instructions listed in the column to the left.
  • U.S. Bank, N.A. 
  • ABA # 04-20000-13 
  • Attention: New Century Portfolios
  • Credit Account # 19945-6633 
  • For further credit to: investor account number; name(s) of investor(s); SSN or TIN; name of Portfolio to be purchased. 
Additional Facts and Features
Minimum Investments Brokerage Availability
Initial $1,000 Ameritas NTF N
Additional $0 CommonWealth NTF
Initial IRA $500 CommonWealth PPS
Additional IRA $0 CommonWealth Universe
Initial AIP $500 Fidelity Institutional FundsNetwork
Additional AIP $50 Fidelity Institutional FundsNetwork-NTF
Redemption Fee 2% Fidelity Retail FundsNetwork
Fidelity Retail FundsNetwork-NTF
Pershing FundCenter
Schwab Institutional**
Schwab Institutional NTF**
Schwab Retail**
Schwab Retail OneSource & NTF at NAV**
TD Ameritrade Institutional
TD Ameritrade Institutional Services
TD Ameritrade Instl Services NTF
TD Ameritrade NTF
TD Ameritrade Retail
TD Ameritrade, Inc.
    *A 2.00% redemption fee is imposed on any shares redeemed within 30 days of their initial purchase. this redemption fee applies to all shareholders and accounts.  This redemption fee equals 2.00% of the amount being redeemed; however, no redemption fee is imposed on the exchange of shares between the various Portfolios of the Trust, the redemption of shares representing reinvested dividends or capital gains distributions, or on amounts representing the capital appreciation of shares. In determining any redemption fee, the shares held the longest in the account are considered redeemed first.  Any redemption fees are credited to the applicable Portfolio. This redemption fee is imposed to prevent short-term trading and to offset transaction and other costs associated with short-term trading.  
**Only the New Century Alternative Strategies Portfolio is available through Schwab.

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