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                                     To access account information online or receive documents                                     electronically, please click on the "Online Account Access" link below.

                                                            New Online Account Access Portal                                                                                         (Please see below for instructions.)

Dear New Century Online Account Access Users,

Setting up new log-in credentials and linking those credentials to the desired New Century accounts involves the following:

  1. Users need to go to the new log-in page and click the “Create User Name” link to establish a new user name and password. This requires a valid email address as part of the registration process (a confirmation email will be sent to this address). 
  2. During the New User Setup you will be asked to link all applicable accounts to the requested User Name.  The identity of the primary account owner must be confirmed.  Detailed instructions are available on the website through the link above. 
  1. After logging into the new site, users need to individually link each of their New Century accounts to their user log-in. This will require the following information:
    1. The Account Number (exclude Fund ID Prefix).
    2. Account Owner's Tax-ID or Social Security Number.
    3. The zip code of the address on record for the account.  
    4. Create a User Name.
  1. Once logged in, you can link multiple New Century accounts registered to different owners (such as husband, wife, and children), as long as those New Century accounts have been activated for online access, the above information has been provided, and those NC accounts have not been linked to any other log-in.
  1. New Century accounts can only be linked to one user log-in (i.e. if a user sets up one log-in to view all family accounts, none of those family accounts can be linked for viewing to any other user log-in). If you attempt to link your log-in to one of your accounts and you are informed that a link has already been created, please contact your Weston Financial investment counseling team immediately to investigate.

For more information on Ultimus Fund Solutions, you can visit their web site at

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